Migrant Cinema of The Second Generation Turks in Germany
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I am a fourth grade student of the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema at the Marmara University, Istanbul. As my graduation project I have chosen the subject “Migrant Cinema of The Second Generation Turks in Germany”. Unfortunately I was not able to find the copies of the films here in Turkey I have chosen to analyze and write a thesis about.

Is there any chance that you could have the copies of the films.  If this is not the case, is it possible for you to redirect me to other people / company / foundation who could help me to find the films? Could you give me an opinion where I can get these films?

Neco Çelik

1. Hinter der Tür (2004) 

2. Urban Guerillas (2004)

Fatih AKIN

1. Denk ich an Deutschland - Wir haben vergessen zurückzukehren (2001) 

2. Getürkt (1996)

... aka Weed

3. Sensin - Du bist es! (1995)

... aka Sensin… You’re the One! 

Yüksel Yavuz

1. Beyaz mantolu adam (1999)

2. Aprilkinder (1998)

... aka April Children (International: English title) 

3. Mein Vater, der Gastarbeiter (1994) 

Yilmaz Arslan

1. Brudermord (2005

3. Langer Gang (1992)

... aka Passages

Thomas Arslan

1. Ferien (2007)

... aka Vacation (International: English title) 

2. Aus der Ferne (2006) Pickpocket Productions

3. Schöne Tag, Der (2001) 

4. Dealer (1999) 

5. Geschwister - Kardesler (1997) 

7. Im Sommer - Die sichtbare Welt (1992) 

Tevfik Başer

1. Lebewohl, Fremde (1991) 

2. Abschied vom falschen Paradies (1989)

... aka Farewell to False Paradise

3. 40 Quadratmeter Deutschland (1986)

... aka 40 qm Deutschland

... aka Forty Square Meters of Germany

4. Zwischen Gott und Erde (1983) 

Ayse Polat

1. En garde (2004) 

2. Auslandstournee (2000) 

... aka Tour Abroad (Europe: English title)

3. Yurtdisi turnesi (1999)

4. Gräfin Sophia Hatun (1997)

5. Fest für Beyhau, Ein (1994)

6. Fremdennacht (1992)

Nuray Sahin

1. Folge der Feder! (2004)

... aka Follow the Feather (International: English title) 

2. Letzte Patrone, Die (2000)

... aka The Last Cartridge (International: English title)

Volkan ORPAK
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That’s a very, very looooong list! Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you with information about sources for all of the films you list, but here’s where I got some of the films you are looking for.

Fatih Akin’s Getürkt and Sensin Du bist es are available on VHS from Wüste Film. Go to their website and you’ll find a page where you can order these films.

Yavuz’ April Children was available for some time at Goethe Institute/InterNationes. Universities and schools can order VHS tapes from Goethe Institutes. But I’m not sure whether they still have April Children in stock any longer. A good place to start would be to go to your nearest Goethe Institute in Turkey. They have VHS / DVD libraries and might be able to help.

Quite a number of the other films are available in Germany via Amazon.de, but not all films come with subtitles. Solino, for example, is only available in German or Italian.

Some of the more obscure films I only got through contacting the production companies or the film directors themselves.

Hope this is useful.

Best wishes,

Daniela Berghahn

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Dear Daniela,

Thank you very much for paying attention. I know that the list is very long, but I like to write a decent paper with enough research. For now I could get only 2 films of that list and I am starting to get discouraged. I have already gone to Goethe Institute but I think I should check again. I keep up with updates on Amazon through imdb and I am emailing with production companies in Germany.

It is really odd that those films are unavailable in Turkey.

I would appreciate if people here in this forum, who have these films in their personal archive, could maybe send me the copies.

Thank you all.