Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

Director of the AHRC Diasporas, Migration & Identities Programme at the Conference

The conference organisers are pleased to announce that Professor Kim Knott will be giving a Plenary Presentation on the Diasporas, Migration & Identities Programme on 6 July.

Diasporas, Migration and Identities is a trans- disciplinary research programme funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It includes arts and humanities scholars from all over the UK working on individual research, large collaborative and interdisciplinary projects, and in international networks. The aim is to research, discuss and present issues related to diasporas and migration, and their past and present impact on subjectivity and identity, culture and the imagination, place and space, emotion, politics and sociality

Further information on the DMI web site here 

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