Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

Forthcoming Book and Journal Issues

Our Research Network has over the past two years received numerous requests  from scholars working in the field of transnational cinema to make papers which we presented at conferences or in other contexts available to them. We are, therefore, delighted to announce that we are currently preparing a book entitled European Cinema in Motion: Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe, eds. Daniela Berghahn and Claudia Sternberg, which will be published by Palgrave in August 2010.

In this book we propose that migrant and diasporic cinema in contemporary Europe is situated at the interface of academic discourses on European cinema and World Cinema, and that the kind of films which are at the centre of this study play a crucial role in the gradual conflation of these two critical paradigms, or, to be more precise, in the ‘World Cinema turn’ which film studies has witnessed over the past two decades or so. The book covers a broad range of transnational film cultures in Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, post-Soviet Russia, the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Taking a genuinely comparative approach, chapters investigate issues such as gender, race, sexuality, border crossings, journeys, cinematic genres,  the function of music and the industrial context of migrant and diasporic filmmaking by transcending the boundaries of specific national cinemas. 

In addition, three special issues of journals are currently in preparation: 

Turkish German Dialogues on Screen, ed. Daniela Berghahn, New Cinemas (forthcoming 2009)

South Asian Migrant Cinema, ed. Sarita Malik,  Journal of South Asian Popular Culture (forthcoming 2009)

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