Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe

Network participant Gareth Jones’s film Desire at the Cambridge Film Festival

        Following the World Première of DESIRE at the Sarajevo Film Festival last month, Scenario Film is pleased to announce the film's UK premiere in the official selection of the 29th Cambridge Film Festival with the participation of principal cast, director (Gareth Jones) and producer.  


        The film, which has a postcolonial/diasporic theme, will be screened at the Arts Picturehouse, Screen 1, 38-39 St. Andrews Street, Cambridge:  

8.30pm Friday 18th September
3.45pm Saturday 19th September

Tickets online at: www.cambridgefilmfestival.org.uk/tickets/
Box office at: 0871 704 2050

Both screenings followed by Q&A with cast and crew.


A steamy psychodrama written and directed by Gareth Jones with rising stars Oscar Pearce, Daisy Smith and Tella Kpomahou, DESIRE explores the link between sex and creativity through the story of a screenwriter struggling with a character who threatens to take over not just his creative and sexual life but his sanity. Is she lover, muse or thief? Desire is the risk we take to discover what’s real…




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